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Restlet Framework 2.1 M5 and 2.0.8 released June 21, 2011

Posted by Jerome Louvel in Restlet Releases.
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Today was an exciting day for Restlet. First Manning has published a new version of the “Restlet in Action” book in MEAP, including a new chapter covering cloud computing usage of the framework, leaving only two chapters to write (plus some refactoring based on reviews) in order to complete this effort. In addition, we have just released two new versions of the framework!

Bug fixed

First, the 2.0.8 version fixes a couple of issues on the stable branch including:

  • Annoying regression with JAXB due to improper TreeMap usage
  • Fixed regression introduced in 2.0.7 with WriterRepresentation, OutputRepresentation and subclasses when sending long entities (1024 and longer)
  • Fixed Range issue when handling large files
  • Fixed support for Content-Disposition header with HTTP server connectors

Those fixes are of course also available in the new 2.1 release.

Major changes

In addition, version 2.1 Milestone 5 contains several major enhancements and new features summarized below.

  • New “org.restlet.ext.oauth” extension added providing comprehensive support for OAuth 2.0 (draft 10) co-developped with Ericsson Labs. For additional details you can read the extension page in the user guide as well as the specifications page.
  • New “org.restlet.ext.openid” extension added providing initial support for OpenID 2.0 contributed by Ericsson Labs. For additional details you can read the extension page in the user guide as well as the specifications page.
  • Greatly stabilized the internal NIO based HTTP client and server connectors, now passing all our test cases. We are still fighting a couple of issues related to NIO reselection and HTTP pipelining and will complete HTTPS support for 2.1 RC1.
  • Moved all SSL logic within Restlet core into org.restlet.ext.ssl extension, adding a new dependency for some HTTP connectors.
  • Fixed compatbility issues with GWT 2.3.
  • Updated Jetty to version 7.4.2.


Recent contributors

  • Aaron Summers
  • John Logsdon
  • Julien Landuré
  • Kristoffer Gronowski
  • Martin Svensson
  • Tim Peierls
  • Tom Moore

Thanks to all others who helped us in various ways for this last milestone before 2.1 RC1.

Additional resources

Changes log:

Download links:


Maven repositories:



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