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Restlet Framework 2.1 M1 released November 7, 2010

Posted by Jerome Louvel in NIO, Restlet Releases.

This month we are celebrating 5 years of Restlet open source development! Version 0.9 beta was the first public release made on November 2005.

Five years later, we still feel on the right path : leveraging REST to fully embrace the Web as the new development platform. We are still in the middle of the journey, with an exciting road ahead including the cloud computing, the rise of the mobile web and the upcoming HTML 5 standard.

Updated version tags

Today, we released the first milestone of version 2.1, our new “testing” version, as well as version 2.0.3 which is becoming our new “stable” version recommended for production. As a consequence, the 1.1 branch is still available for download here but has  been archived.

We now encourage all developers to migrate to the latest greatest 2.0 branch for new deployments (see these instructions first). For new development projects, we encourage the usage of version 2.1 M1 which benefits from the stability of branch 2.0 for most parts, and adds new exciting features.

Main changes

  • All features deprecated in version 2.0 were completely removed, reducing the framework footprint
  • Brand new internal HTTP connector (client and server) based on non-blocking NIO with initial performance close to extension connectors based on Apache HTTP Client 4.0 and Eclipse Jetty 7.1. This connector has already been significantly tested under load, with large entities and is fully configurable
  • Removed the Grizzly and Netty extensions considered as experimental in version 2.0 to focus on our lighter NIO connector
  • Representation class can now notify a listener of asynchronous content availability (ready to be read) or delivery (ready to be written). This has been tested to asynchronously receive CouchDB notifications
  • Added support for GWT 2.1. Support for GWT 2.0 has been removed due to changes in GWT internal APIs, but is still supported in the 2.0 branch


Here is a summary of the planned features and tasks for version 2.1.0 which is scheduled for 2011 Q2:

  • Finish the writing of the Restlet in Action book published by Manning
  • Add a SIP connector extension based on the new NIO internal connector, providing a modern VoIP foundation for convergent web applications
  • Enhance the ConverterService to support direct conversion between representations, from beans to representations and between beans
  • Add a ConnegService to configure HTTP content negotiation and allow its customization. One use case is the negotiation between web representations of a resource based on agent type such as desktop browser and mobile browser
  • Better integration with Eclipse ecosystem, with support for model-driven REST via extensions for EMF, ATL and Acceleo
  • Migration from Tigris to JIRA Studio for SVN hosting, issue tracker, code search, code review, continuous build, etc.

For more information on this roadmap, you can check this wiki page for content details and this main site page for schedule details.

Recent contributors

  • Alex Milowski
  • Alexander Kampmann
  • Alois Cochard
  • Avi Flax
  • Brian Cabana
  • Bruno Harbulot
  • Christophe Vanfleteren
  • Daniel Zhelyazkov
  • Darin Jackson
  • David Fogel
  • Doug Smalley
  • Dustin Jenkins
  • Evan Wang
  • Fabian Mandelbaum
  • Giovani Pieri
  • Jean-Luc Geering
  • John Logdson
  • Laurent Rustuel
  • M. Maksin
  • Marc Portier
  • Michael Terrington
  • Nicolas Rinaudo
  • Olivier Miel
  • Olivier Monaco
  • Rob Kooper
  • Tal Liron
  • Tim Peierls
  • William Pietri

Thanks to all others who helped us in various ways for this first milestone, especially NetDev for funding a part of the new NIO connector and helping with testing and challenging use cases !

Additional resources

Changes log:

Download links:

Maven repositories:
http://maven.restlet.org is updated on the 1st and 15th of each month
http://maven.noelios.com is updated daily with new artifacts (access reserved to subscribers)



1. Alex Blewitt - November 11, 2010

The public release looks good – but 2.0.3 isn’t available in your maven.restlet.org repository yet. Presumably that’s going to be there after the 15th.

Jerome Louvel - November 12, 2010

Thanks for the comment. The current policy is to update our public Maven repository every 15 days indeed. However, we are about the change this rule, stay tuned 😉

2. chris deadlock - November 26, 2010

The current “stable” download link 2.0.3 gives me errors about syndfeed unless install the latest ROME library from https://rome.dev.java.net/

Jerome Louvel - November 28, 2010

Thanks for the report, I’ve just fixed this in 2.0 and 2.1 branches. Will be part of 2.0.4.

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