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Restlet Framework 2.0 RC3 released April 23, 2010

Posted by Jerome Louvel in Restlet Releases.

About one month after RC2, here comes a new release candidate. We fixed about 20 issues, including bugs and API problems. Final 2.0.0 version is still scheduled for the end of June 2010 and we are already quite happy about the overall stability.

In addition, Restlet Framework version 1.1.10 was released, fixing three bugs (unwanted console trace, WADL “Resource” element order and “content-length” header for range requests).

Main changes

  • Thread blocking issues with the internal HTTP client connector were fixed.
  • The internal HTTP client works again on the Android edition.
  • Fixed issues preventing multi-threaded usage of ClientResource and dynamic client proxies.
  • Fixed concurrency bug with annotated interfaces causing
    405 errors (method not allowed).
  • HTTP proxy configuration was added to internal HTTP client connector.
  • Removed lesser used MediaType constants in the GWT edition to reduce the compiled size by 6 Kb. Now using Restlet in your GWT application only adds 159 Kb of JavaScript. If you GZip your HTTP traffic, this even gets down to 65 Kb. See this issue for more optimizations ideas.
  • Fixed several bugs related to HTTP DIGEST authentication.
  • Fixed support of conditional processing for non-GET methods and allowed entity headers to be returned if conditions were not matched.
  • “onSent” and “onResponse” callbacks now also work with synchronous HTTP connectors (Net and HttpClient extensions).
  • XStream annotations are now detected and allow customization of XML and JSON representation from the representation beans.
  • ServletUtils class introduced in RC2 was moved into the org.restlet.ext.servlet package. It also the easy retrieval of Servlet request and response objects from the Restlet equivalents.

Direct contributors

  • Antonio Fiestas
  • Bruno Harbulot
  • Carsten Lohmann
  • Dan Simpson
  • Graham Smith
  • Leigh Klotz
  • Mark Drew

Thanks to all others who helped us in various ways!

Additional resources

Changes log:

Download links:

Maven repositories:
http://maven.restlet.org is updated on the 1st and 15th of each month
http://maven.noelios.com is updated daily with new artifacts (access reserved to subscribers)



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