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Restlet 1.1 RC2 released September 24, 2008

Posted by Jerome Louvel in Restlet Releases.

Release 1.1 RC2 is out, with all known bugs in Restlet closed (more than 20 fixed!). Please help us test this build while be work on the documentation tasks for the final 1.1 release.

Here is a summary of the main changes:

  • Added support for HTTP authentication in Restlet-GWT module and fixed compilation issues.
  • Fixed socket closing issues with internal HTTP server connector.
  • Fully stabilized the Grizzly HTTP server connector.
  • Fixed regression with SpringHost due to context refactoring.
  • Fixed class-loading regressions.
  • WADL extension now properly supports nested resources.
  • Updated db4o to version 7.4.58.
  • Updated FreeMarker to version 2.3.14.
  • Updated JAX-RS API to version 0.11.
  • Updated GWT to version 1.5.2 (final).

Direct contributors:
  • Alexander Koppelhuber
  • Alexei Sokolov
  • Bruno Dumon
  • Carlos Alexandre Moscoso
  • Christoph Korn
  • Doug Alcouffe
  • Emblem Parade
  • John Logdson
  • Marcelo Ochoa
  • Paolo Borelli
  • Rasmus Agerholm
  • Rob Heittman
  • Roman Geus
  • Stephan Koops
  • Tamas Cservenak
  • Vincent Ricard

Changes log:

Download links:

Maven repositories:
http://maven.restlet.org is updated on the 1st and 15th of each month
http://maven.noelios.com is updated daily with new artifacts (access reserved to subscribers)



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