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Restlet 1.1 M4 released May 20, 2008

Posted by Jerome Louvel in Restlet Releases.

Here is the last milestone before the first release candidate version of Restlet 1.1. If you haven’t had the time to review a recent 1.1 release, this is your last chance to influence the content of version 1.1 before the feature freeze!

Main changes:

  • Greatly improved OSGi support in Restlet JARs
  • Atom extension now supports feed writing
  • Added POP3/POP3S protocol support to a refactored JavaMail connector (sponsored by RunMyProcess)
  • Added support for matrix URIs as defined by Tim Berners-Lee
  • Added support for file extensions in URIs
  • Refactored and enhanced the TunnelService (optional processing of query parameters, user agent preferences are now customizable)
  • Added a static “current” property to Application, Request, Response and VirtualHost (using thread local variables)

Updated dependencies:

  • Grizzly 1.7.3
  • db4o 7.2 (recent stable build)

Direct contributors:

  • Alex Milowski
  • Avi Flax
  • Bruno Dumon
  • Hendy Irawan
  • Bruno Harbulot
  • Edward Yakop
  • Jules Milner-Brage
  • Kevin Conaway
  • Konstantin Läufer
  • Matthieu Hug
  • Rob Heittman
  • Stephan Koops

Changes log:

Download links:

Maven repositories:
http://maven.restlet.org is updated on the 1st and 15th of each month
http://maven.noelios.com is updated daily with new artifacts (access reserved to subscribers)



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