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Restlet 1.1 M3 released April 1, 2008

Posted by Jerome Louvel in JSR 311, NIO, Oracle, Restlet Releases.

It’s just over a month since 1.1 M2 and we have again made tremendous
progress towards our final release.

Main changes:

  • Licensing scheme changed to CDDL 1.0 or LGPL 2.1 or LGPL 3.0
  • New JAX-RS extension implementing the draft JSR-311
  • New OAuth extension as a pluggable authentication scheme
  • New XDB extension providing integration with Oracle embedded JVM
  • SSL support much improved with access to new attributes
  • XmlRepresentation refactored to support SAX and DOM sources
  • Major TransformRepresentation refactoring (config, reuse, SAX)
  • Reference class now enforces the usage of valid URI characters
  • Grizzly HTTP server now support chunked encoding of responses


Updated dependencies:

  • Spring to version 2.5.2
  • db4o to version 7.2 (adds transparent update)
  • JavaMail to version 1.4.1
  • JAF to version 1.1.1

Direct contributors:

  • Adam Rosien (OAuth)
  • Avi Flax
  • Bruno Harbulot
  • Chuck Mortimore
  • Dan Diephouse
  • Jeroen Goubert
  • Joe Nellis
  • Kevin Conaway
  • Marc Portier
  • Marcelo Ochoa (XDB)
  • Paul J. Lucas
  • Peter Neubauer
  • Rhett Sutphin
  • Rob Heittman
  • Stephan Koops (JAX-RS)
  • Steve Loughran
  • Yuri de Wit

Changes log:

Download links:

Maven repositories:
http://maven.restlet.org is updated on the 1st and 15th of each month
http://maven.noelios.com is updated daily with new artifacts



1. Restlet API and JSR-311 API « Noelios Consulting - April 1, 2008

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4. Hendy Irawan - April 22, 2008

In case anyone wonders the relationship between Restlet, JAX-RS (JSR-311), and Jersey:

> From the project descriptions Jersey seems to have much in common with Restlet.
> >
> > Does it use Restlet?
> > Are there plans to combine the power of two forces together?

Jersey is Sun’s RI for the JAX-RS standard and is a s far as I know
brand new and without any relation to RestLet other than
properly being inspired by it. New versions of RestLet actually
implements the JAX-RS API
so if you have a existing RestLet app then you should be able to
gradually convert it into a JAX-RS app.

(from jersev.dev.java.net mailing list, clarified by Lars Tackmann)

5. Hendy Irawan - April 22, 2008

I just noticed that Jerome Louvel, a Restlet core developer, is an Expert Group member of JSR-311.

Considering his expertise and (very long) experience in this field, I can only expect good things out of it.

6. Cecil New - May 7, 2008

Does anyone know of a mailing list where rest-style development is discussed? I am doing a pilot project (it will take a while-only a few hours a week) and have questions about security, how to handle errors, what makes a good RESTful client, how to deal with constraints imposed by a pure browser forms-based client (GET/POST only), etc. etc.

7. Jerome Louvel - May 7, 2008

If you are using the Restlet technology you can post to our mailing list:

For more general questions there is the REST discussion list. See links here: http://www.restlet.org/about/faq#04

8. Jabbering Giraffe - REST Web Services in Java - September 13, 2008

[…] nice. Particularly when compared to Restlets, which I found a little bit too uniform. Mind you, the latest restlet code has its own version of JSR 311 support, so it may still be […]

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