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Nuxeo ECM adds support for REST October 23, 2007

Posted by Jerome Louvel in Restlet General.

Nuxeo is the company behind one of the most complete open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. It has roots in the Zope project but made a complete switch to the Java platform last year with their 5.0 release.

Last week, they released their 5.1 version, adding a REST API based on the Restlet project. You can read details about this integration in their reference manual.

Nuxeo logo

There also seems to be a good competition between Nuxeo and Alfresco, another popular Java-based open source ECM solution. One area of comparison is on the depth of the open source commitment as highlighted in this very interesting article from CMS Wire.

Another area of debate is on their support of Web Services APIs and more specifically REST APIs. James McGovern has a good post that summarizes the situation.



1. Charlie - October 24, 2007

Ouch, that manual is really hard to read. I’m guessing English is not the author’s first language.

2. Carlos - October 26, 2007

As regards competition, it’s good to see that Nuxeo works hard to get back into the game.

As regards the opensource commitment, it seems the CMS Wire article is outdated. Alfresco Enterprise fixes are now merged into in HEAD (the public SVN) in almost real time.

I read it here : http://forums.alfresco.com/viewtopic.php?p=30710#30696

3. Towards RESTful Web Content Management « Noelios Technologies - December 10, 2009

[…] through the Web, by providing a Web Service API. Ideally, those APIs are designed RESTfully such as Nuxeo ECM which leveraged Restlet. This approach was explained in more depth in a CMSWire article covering Alfresco’s RESTful […]

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