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Major REST book now available! May 13, 2007

Posted by Jerome Louvel in REST, Restlet General.

The book is called “RESTful Web Services” and O’Reilly, the publisher, finally released it. The authors, Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby, guide you through a revealing journey inside the architecture of the Web. Using concrete examples, they help you to use HTTP, URIs and REST at their full potential.

A design process called Resource Oriented Architecture provides a pragmatic application of REST principles and best practices based on findings from the REST community. Also, this book is also the first one to significantly cover the Restlet framework, providing a good opportunity to compare it to other frameworks like Ruby on Rails and django.

For having had a chance to review it and to contribute the Restlet section (with the help of Dave Pawson), I think it is a must read for all REST and Restlet enthusiasts!

Update 1:

Update 2:

  • book review by Jon Udell (Microsoft)
  • book review by Henry Story (Sun) and relationship to RDF
  • book review by Paul Sandoz (Sun) and comments regarding content negotiation
  • book review by Jason Hudgins and comments regarding Restlet coverage



1. Vasudev Ram - June 23, 2007

Thanks for creating Restlet. REST looks like a very cool architectural style. Did a little work with it recently in Ruby and REXML. I’m going to check Restlet out!

– Vasudev Ram

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