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Restlet coverage by eWEEK January 10, 2006

Posted by Jerome Louvel in Restlet General.

Darryl K. Taft, a senior editor at eWEEK, has noticed the Restlet project and wrote two articles on it. The first is a general presentation of the project and the second is a Question & Answer session:

  1. Java Development Gets Web 2.0 Treatment
  2. Java Project Founder Outlines Benefits of Restlet

Some new facts:

  • Restlet 1.0 beta 1 is planned for the end of January
  • Restlet 1.0 final is planned for Q2 2006
  • I’m looking to build a community around this project, if you are interested please join via the development site
  • The Restlet API will be submitted to the JCP or to the Apache Foundation if there is enough interest from the community


1. lurker - January 10, 2006

wheres the user discussion or developers list? i see commits, issues, and announcements which is empty, but no dev / user lists?

2. noelios - January 10, 2006

The discussion list was restricted to project members. I’ve changed the settings, you should be able to see it now. Alternatively you can use the GMane gateway, see details at http://www.restlet.org/discuss

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