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Discussion on Restlets at TSS January 5, 2006

Posted by Jerome Louvel in Restlet General.

An interesting discussion is going on at The Server Side following the announcement of the Restlet project. So far the feed-back has been very positive.

Some suggestions:

  • Publish the code source of http://www.restlet.org as a sample application
  • Integration with Spring to export services as Restlets with a simple configuration
  • Build a Restlet Pet Store and compare it with a SOAP implementation (Axis)
  • Provide a Servlet HTTP connector as an alternative to standalone Restlet servers would facilitate the adoption and deployment in existing infrastructures
  • Configure a Restlet server with an XMLfile

Some concerns:

  • Concrete advantage of using REST vs SOAP
  • Benefits over Struts
  • Benefits over Ruby on Rails
  • Measurable improvement over Servlets and Struts in term of scalability and performance
  • Will NIO ever provide the promised benefits?
  • Restlets have no session mechanisms like Servlets, is it a feature? (short answer: yes!)
  • Will REST advance our productivity?

Feel free to jump in or comment via this blog. The next release is already well advanced and will include a new servlet-based HTTP connector as suggested by Michael Mayr.



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